Understanding Business Analytics through Use Cases

In my last post, I was mentioning about Data Integration. Once we have this data, what are some of the powerful things we can do with it? Let me share what I have been hearing of customer doing with this Big Data.

Predictive analytics makes it possible to understand what has happened in the past, anticipate what may happen next, and then take appropriate and timely action.

Security: Clever, new data analytics software can sift through vast quantities of data to anticipate security threats and breaches, such as an employee trying to access unauthorized information.

Education: Analytics is helping educators measure and monitor student success, report results and keep students on the right track.

Doctors: Doctors use analytics to make better diagnosis and treatment decisions, develop new drugs, and predict health issue before they happen – by crunching data in days and weeks instead of months and years.

Insurance Companies: Insurance Companies use analytics to see patterns in billions of claims, and identify the few that are fraudulent.

Customer Sentiment: Businesses are discovering the value in performing text analytics on data and online conversations derived from Twitter, Facebook and other social forums to determine how companies or their products are faring among consumers.

Police: Everyone knows good police work relies on good information. And the NYPD is using business intelligence to access and analyze billions of records and zero-in on criminal suspects withing minutes. This allows the police to consistently make the best possible decisions, leading to more accurate arrests an less crime.

Smarter Energy: For Vestas Wind Systems, choosing the best location for its wind turbines so that they can produce enough electricity is a critical task. Now, thanks to analytics that can quickly sift through weather reports, moon and tidal phases, sensor data, satellite images and other data, Vestas is able to pinpoint the best location and meet all of its energy goals.

How it works?
The underlying technology works in three stages.

  • First, advanced analytics algorithms using search and index technologies begin sifting through the different pieces of information for gems of intelligence.
  • Second, the information is correlated and analyzed for patterns at more than 200 times a second – faster than a hummingbird can flap its wings!
  • Third, this advanced analysis is quickly turned into insight that is used to determine which actions will drive the best results!

For more information:
From Information to Analytics: The IBM Story

Disclaimer: The postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent IBM’s positions, strategies or opinions

5 thoughts on “Understanding Business Analytics through Use Cases

  1. Great to see ‘Vestas Wind Systems’ making use of analytics to arrive at best locations to install their Wind turbines.

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