Cloud Computing – II (Use Cases)

In my last blog, I explained what is Cloud computing. Now one may say, it sounds ok and yes there is lot of hype around it. But what real world problem is it solving. So in this blog, I will share some of my understandings on what Cloud computing can do. This is definitely not going to be an exhaustive list. It is just my understanding on the benefits that boarding on to Cloud may bring.

  • Imagine that a big vendor is selling their services through a Web portal. They need access to servers and infrastructure to support the biggest peaks in demand (say Income tax filing happens just once a year), but most of the time they can manage with smaller capacity. In a typical scenario, they would buy exactly the capacity they need during peak times. But with cloud computing, they would pay for peak capacity based on usage. Cloud computing makes it possible to scale the resources available to the application.
  • A start-up business needs to put and advertising campaign. They are not sure as to how people will respond to it. What if it works a bit too well and jams the servers? Cloud computing will help the customer. Now they don’t have to know (and buy) the full capacity they might need at a peak time.
  • If a Web site gets a lot of visitors five days a week, but is almost dead on weekends? What if the service infrastructure is used during the work hours and remaining hours it may be not be used? With cloud computing the customers can pay for the capacity they need (and use) only on the weekdays.
  • There is lot of talk about going “Green”. How is that achieved through Cloud? Will the Cloud bring rain to make things green? May not be so. But Because the data centers that run the services are huge, and share resources among a large group of users, the infrastructure costs are lower (electricity, buildings, and so on).
Disclaimer: The postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent IBM’s positions, strategies or opinions

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