Providing relevant Social Media Analytics

Slowly social media is becoming very prevalent place where individuals or groups of individuals express their opinions on the gamut of tools/ services/ latest gizmos/ ad campaigns to an organization as a whole.  An organization should be aware of what the consumers/ customers or competitors are talking about them to decide the future course of plan and remain competitive in market place.  For example on a launch of a new product a negative chatter starts about it. It could have been a misinformation, but this chatter has potential to do the damage to the sales of the product and many consumers may form their opinions. So it would be nice for an organization to scan the social media and get the answers to the questions like following:

  • How do consumer feel about our new product or ad campaign?
  • What are consumer hearing about our brand [Brand reputation]?
  • What are the most talked about product attributes in my product category [Like in my smart phone whether people are talking about screen, battery life or camera]. Is it good or bad?
  • What is my competitor doing to excite market [Competitive analysis]?
  • Are my business partners helping or hurting my reputation?
  • Is there a negative chatter that my PR team should respond to?

Cognos Cosumer Insight (CCI) does the same thing. Typically it does not crawl the data and uses the service(s) of some known social media crawlers (like Board Reader) to get social media content. This ASCII data comes in Jason format and CCI processes the data using Hadoop from BigInsights. It applies sentiment analysis (using SystemT) and does the following

  • Perform pattern matching, based on the input keywords, and then look for sentiments
  • Check for positive, negative, neutral words / phrases (grammar, slang, typos, synonyms etc)
  • Save results for further processing by visualization / search engine.

Finally it provides Sentiment Analysis using the Visualization Engine.  The job of CCI is done now, but the story does not end here. Now we know the sentiment of the customer as of now. Organizations may need the ability understand the key factor driving the sentiment and IBM SPSS is a tool for that. Once there is a fair prediction, we need to act on those and monitor results and IBM Coremetrics and Unica are the tools used for the same.


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