InfoSphere DataStage – VIII (Information Provisioning using Data Click)

Information Provisioning makes information available when and where it is needed.  Expert technical resources are required to retrieve data and populate new systems as an information integration project may require to move thousands of tables, or load a data mart.

InfoSphere Data Click

InfoSphere Data Click is a feature in InfoSphere Information Server that simplifies information provisioning thus making things easier for enterprise’s IT staff. Because of the depth of skill required, information provisioning used to be something left to technically skilled ETL engineers. InfoSphere Data Click can enable novice or line-of-business users  to easily retrieve data and populate new systems, freeing up expert technical resources to focus on activities with higher returns for the business.

To streamline and simplify these processes, the user interface presents policy choices that users select (thus avoiding the need to write any code). InfoSphere Data Click thus can provide a privileged user the ability to move thousands of tables, or load a data mart, with two clicks. It can also automatically register the design and operational metadata to support built-in governance.

In it’s  first release, InfoSphere Data Click helps improve the timeliness of IBM PureData System for Analytics (formerly IBM Netezza) warehouse environments by intelligently selecting the right data integration engine for moving information — batch workloads leveraging the scalable InfoSphere DataStage runtime and real-time workloads based on InfoSphere Data Replication log-based replication. These capabilities provide for processing optimization by reducing the time and processing required from source to target, reducing network traffic and making data available when a full extract is not possible. These levels of automation and the simplicity of InfoSphere Data Click is it’s claim to fame within the data integration market.

Here is InfoSphere Data Click in action:

Easily select the target destination for data and review settings for the offload request

Data Click is intended for the following applications:

  • Be a tool to support non-technical (self-service) users to generate sandbox databases in IBM Netezza systems, which are populated from Oracle Database or DB2 sources.
  • Provide a simpler mechanism to get the user started on basic data movement requests.
  • Hide some of the technical complexities and challenges that are associated with the native tooling.
  • Provide a mechanism to identify database assets that are available to the self-service users and define the policies and constraints about how the data can be offloaded.

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