InfoSphere DataStage – IX (Blue Print Director)

Information integration and transformation is a part of every organization. Introduction of new systems or changes to infrastructure or business processes require that the information is restructured, moved, or distributed in new ways. All of these scenarios involve significant changes to the underlying information infrastructure.

Today, leadership teams are not sufficiently equipped to plan and manage the future landscape of information-centric projects. Teams typically rely on white boards and drawing tools to document the overall solution outline and vision of the project. This “big picture” is often only captured in drawings that are disconnected from all other artifacts, such as:

  • Detailed designs that focus on distinct parts of the projected solution
  • Requirements that are frequently defined in long team meetings
  • Business and Technical artifacts that represent parts of the evolving solution
  • Reference architectures and reusable best practices and methodologies

Using Blueprint Director, one can create a well-documented, end-to-end business and technical vision for an information project. This helps IT departments align business requirements with enterprise and reference architecture. By representing the project vision across all domains (e.g. data integration, data archiving, test data management, application retirement, data warehousing, and business intelligence) blueprints can help data architects avoid siloed thinking and misalignment with business priorities. Architects can use blueprints to leverage best practices as defined in the appropriate method and create documentation regarding who is supposed to do what, when, why and the outcome. It helps keeping the project vision synchronized with the actual solution by linking the blueprint to business and technical artifacts throughout the solution lifecycle. Users can publish their blueprints to InfoSphere Information Server, where any user may view them. This sharing through web interfaces helps the company enable enterprise collaboration and consistent development of information flows. InfoSphere Blueprint Director includes several capabilities such as

  • Built-in templates and methodology
  • The milestone feature
  • Deep integration into the Rational Team Concert platform
  • The evolution of architecture blueprints over their initial project lifecycle and beyond is well-supported from vision, to execution, and completion

Here is a sample of Blue Print Director

Example of InfoSphere Information Server blueprint


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