InfoSphere Quality Stage – IV (Use Cases)

We were demoing Quality Stage to a client and he asked the various use cases that InfoSphere Quality Stage can be of some value. I think that it would be a nice read for some of other folks too and so here are some…

These scenarios show how several organizations used InfoSphere® QualityStage® to cleanse their data

Banking: Consolidating information

To facilitate marketing and mail campaigns, a large retail bank needed a single dynamic view of its customer households from 60 million records in 50 source systems. This process of grouping customer account records from multiple sources, known as householding, helps the bank to understand each customer by consolidating their information into a single record.

The bank used InfoSphere QualityStage to automate the process. Consolidated views are matched for all 50 sources, yielding information for all marketing campaigns. The result is reduced costs and improved return on marketing investments. Householding is now a standard process at the bank, which has a better understanding of its customers and more effective customer relationship management.

Pharmaceutical: Operations information

A large pharmaceutical company needed a data warehouse for marketing and sales information. The company had diverse legacy data with different standards and formats. Information was buried in free-form fields. The company also struggled with incorrect data values, discrepancies between field metadata and actual data in the field, and duplicate data. Obtaining a complete, consolidated view of an entity such as total quarterly sales from the prescriptions of one doctor was nearly impossible. Reports were difficult and time-consuming to compile, and the accuracy of the reports was suspect.

The company chose InfoSphere QualityStage to investigate fragmented legacy data at the level of each data value. Analysts can now access complete and accurate online views of doctors, the prescriptions that they write, and their managed-care affiliations for better decision support, trend analysis, and targeted marketing.

Insurance: Real-time data quality checks

A leading insurance company lacked a unique ID for each subscriber, many of whom participated in multiple health, dental, or benefit plans. Subscribers who visited customer portals on the web could not get complete information about their account status, eligible services, and other details.

Using InfoSphere QualityStage, the company implemented a real-time, in-process data quality check of all portal inquiries. InfoSphere QualityStage and WebSphere® MQ transactions were combined to retrieve customer data from multiple sources and return integrated customer views. The new process provides more than 25 million subscribers with a real-time, complete view of their insurance services. A unique customer ID for each subscriber also helps the insurer move toward a single customer database for improved customer service and marketing.

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