InfoSphere Quality Stage – V (Standardize)

Standardizing data involves moving free-form data (columns that contain more than one data entry) into fixed columns and manipulating data to conform to standard conventions. The process identifies and corrects invalid values, standardizes spelling formats and abbreviations, and validates the format and content of the data.
The Standardize stage builds on the interpretation of the data during the Investigate stage. The Standardize stage uses the same prebuilt tables and rule sets that the Investigate stage used to investigate the data to standardize the data. Standardize reformats data from multiple systems and creates a consistent data presentation with fixed and discrete columns, according to your company requirements.

Here are some of the ‘magic’ that the Standerdize stage can do for you…

Address Standardization

Warehouse Item Standardization:

Non Name-Address Standardization:

Standardization Rules Designer (SRD) is a web interface that allows us to create and edit these standardization rules with simple drag and drops.


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