InfoSphere DataStage – XVIII (Full Picture)

In several of my previous blogs I was talking about the various components that make up the InfoSphere Information Server. In this blog I will try to combine all the pieces to make a full picture.

How Information Server's Components Work Together
How Information Server’s Components Work Together

The following components are shown in Figure above:

1. Enterprise Architects use InfoSphere Blueprint Director to plan and manage your project vision.
2. After a blueprint of your information project exists, Data Architects can use InfoSphere Data Architect to discover the structure of your organization’s databases, reverse engineer and visualize physical data models from existing source systems, derive or define new logical data models for key information assets, and create physical data models for target systems, including dimensional structures in the warehouse.
3. This (meta)data can be input to InfoSphere Business Glossary, where Business Analysts and Data Analysts define and establish a common understanding of business concepts.
4. Data Analysts also can use InfoSphere Discovery to automate the identification and definition of data relationships, feeding that information to InfoSphere Information Analyzer and InfoSphere FastTrack.
5. Data Quality Specialists use InfoSphere Information Analyzer to design, develop, and manage data quality rules for your organization’s data to ensure data quality. As your organization’s data evolves, these rules can be modified in real time so that trusted information is delivered to InfoSphere Business Glossary, InfoSphere FastTrack, InfoSphere DataStage and QualityStage, and other InfoSphere Server components.
6. Data Analysts can use InfoSphere FastTrack to create mapping specifications that translate business requirements into business applications. Data Integration Specialists can use these specifications to generate jobs that become the starting point for complex data transformation in InfoSphere DataStage and QualityStage.
7. By using the InfoSphere DataStage and QualityStage Designer, Data Integration Specialists develop jobs that extract, transform, load, and check the quality of data. These jobs are deployed on InfoSphere DataStage, while data quality jobs are deployed by using InfoSphere QualityStage. DataStage Balanced Optimization also can be used to optimize performance of integration jobs, which allows you to balance and optimize the usage of your source, target, and Information Server engine resources (implementing, for example, alternative modalities such as ELT). This capability is particularly useful for getting the highest possible performance in IBM PureData for Analytics warehousing appliances (which is powered by Netezza).
8. SOA Architects use InfoSphere Information Services Director to deploy integration tasks (such as matching and lookup) from the suite components as consistent, reusable information services.
9. InfoSphere Metadata Workbench provides end-to-end data flow reporting and impact analysis of your organization’s data assets. Business Analysts, Data Analysts, Data Integration Specialists, and other users interact with this component to explore and manage the assets that are produced and used by InfoSphere Information Server. InfoSphere Metadata Workbench enables users to understand and manage the flow of data through your enterprise, and discover and analyze relationships between information assets in the InfoSphere Information Server metadata repository. You use InfoSphere
Metadata Asset Manager to import technical information into the metadata repository, such as BI reports, logical models, physical schemas, and InfoSphere DataStage and QualityStage jobs.


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