InfoSphere Quality Stage – XI (Standardization Vs Validation)

In QualityStage, standardization and validation describe different, although related, types of processing.
Validation extends the functionality of standardization.
For example: 50 Washington Street, Westboro, Mass. 01581
Standardization can parse, identify, and re-structure the data as follows:
House Number = 50
Street Name = WASHINGTON
Street Suffix Type = ST
City Name = WESTBORO
State Abbreviation = MA
Zip Code = 01581
Validation can verify that the data describes an actual address and can also:
Correct City Name = WESTBOROUGH
Append Zip + 4 Code = 1013
Validation provides this functionality by matching against a database
So here is a summary of Standardization (Also called Multinational Standardization) Vs Validation (Also called AVI) in Infosphere Quality Stage
  • MNS is standardization only (no verification)
  • MNS, when compared to AVI, has a limited number of countries/territories/possessions.
  • AVI is both standardization and verification.
  • Moving from MNS to AVI is a rewrite for that piece (different, but somewhat similar outputs).
  • The country-specific rule sets (MNS) can be more robust.
  • MNS is something that we can have a handle on and can be changed easily(they are QualityStage rule sets under the covers).
  • AVI changes require a PMR to the OEM **OR** pre-processing with QualityStage to change the data AVI sees.
  • MNS is ‘free’.
  • AVI is a chargeable add-on to QualityStage (and has an annual cost).
  • MNS is faster in processing than AVI

Further Read:
More on AVI
More on MNS or Standardization


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