Just Arrived – InfoSphere Information Server v11.3

IBM Information Integration platform today announced InfoSphere Information Server v11.3 and InfoSphere Data IISReplication v11.3.

Here are some of the InfoSphere Information Server V11.3  highlights:

  • The new InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog (replacing InfoSphere Business Information Exchange) to provide a one-stop-shop for business and technical metadata
  • New on-premise data integration for Cloud environments – by providing integration with Amazon S3 and for distributed Database as a Service (DBaaS) offerings, including IBM Cloudant (via new REST-based service support)
  • New, deeper integration for MDM projects – via an MDM Stage to make it easy to load data into and extract data out of InfoSphere MDM (and benefit from peak scale and performance by using bulk API loading). The MDM Integration Stage is supported by a metadata-driven design, which means that metadata captured by the MDM Integration Stage will align with the MDM data model, enabling multiple segments of data to be sent in a single request.
  • Enhancements for InfoSphere Data Click – including native high-speed load to move data into InfoSphere BigInsights, integration with Cloud environments, Information Governance Catalog Integration (so that users may now search for information through the metadata available in InfoSphere Information Server Governance Catalog and launch directly into Data Click to integrate that data), and more
  • Governance Dashboard: The InfoSphere Information Governance Dashboard and its companion SQLViews (a fully described query layer to key metadata) are now included as part of the integrated Information Server installer, and reports have been expanded to include analysis of critical business elements that lack a data steward owner. Additionally, Information Server now includes entitlement to IBM Cognos BI components to support the organizational rollout of your data governance program to both IT and line of business users.
  • New ‘clerical pairs’ are now available in the Data Quality Console to better support matching stewardship.
  • New performance optmization for data quality – with new, faster algorithms for multi-column primary key detection, the ability to take full advantage of parallelism in column analysis, bulk-load write to the analysis database, and optimized client/server communication to reduce network traffic.
  • New operational quality rules – these pre-built data rules introspect Operational Metadata to help operations teams monitor how the data integration platform is meeting service level agreements and best practices of the organization.
  • Updated MDM bundling – Information Server Enterprise Edition is NOW included with MDM v11.3
  • InfoSphere Information Server Cloud support: InfoSphere Information Server Enterprise Hypervisor Edition V9.1 is now available for public cloud deployments via the IBM PureApplication Service on Softlayer.

For more information:
Official Annoucement
InfoSphere Information Server v11.3 – Era of Business Driven Governance


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