Seven Habits of Highly Successful Blogger – 1

In my first blog of the year, I wrote: “I have seen many of my peers starting their journey on blogging but unable to sustain it. This year (2015) I wish to share some of  lessons learned from my last four years of Blogging experience with the idea that it will help readers to also become active to contribute on social media (and maybe to share some of their habits for me/ others to learn as part of  comments). I do not  consider myself an expert to write on this topic, but several of regular visitors showed great interest in reading such a blog.” So here are some of the habits that will help one to sustain their journey on Social Media.

1. Begin with the End in Mind

Many feel that I am writing a blog so that others can benefit. So the questions on which stumble them are,
Habit 1“Who is going to read this?”
“Why should I write if there is anyhow so much documentation already available?”
“There are many others with better  technical understanding than what I have, so better they should write”.
“My blog hits shows that no one is reading, so let me throw in the towel!”

But in my experience with writing, I have realized that it is the blog writer gains the most when they write. Here are a few to benefits to start with:

  • Extend your reach  – Expand your network of professional contacts while managing your own professional reputation.
  • To teach is the best way to learn – It is not a news that by sharing one becomes more thorough in the subject matter. By communicating, sharing and collaborating with your audience you are learning yourself. One of my US Patent came directly from a discussion on a problem that was raised in one of the blog comments.
  • Establish a unique identity – Differentiate yourself at IBM by increasing your visibility as a leading edge subject matter expert
  • Your company / product also benefits – The customer finds quick fixes, good documentation, competitive advantage, tutorials, to use your product and thus you’re going to be helping with the marketing (and ultimately sales) efforts.

2. Divide and Rule

Though the phrase sounds not so pleasing, but mapreduce (in Hadoop) also uses this philosophy. Jokes apart,  I heard this phrase in the beginning of my blogging stint and so I used it very actively in my blogs. Splitting a blog into series will have the following advantage:

  • As a blogger we will have more focused content to compose.
  • As a blogger we will not have to scratch our head to find a next topic to blog on 🙂
  • The attention of the audience can be maintained. A long article puts off the reader.
  • The audience will know that more in the topic is coming and will be looking frequently for updates.  (contributing to page hits)

Many places I have read that the blog should not be more than 500 words long.  So anything beyond that could be a good candidate for another blog. At this point I can see the word count approaching 500 so let me stop now. Stay tuned for more habits.

Click here for tips on writing and here for the part 2 of this blog.

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