Seven Habits of Highly Successful Blogger – 2

In the previous blog, we covered two habits of a successful blogger.  In this blog, I will explore some more of the habits. Even though I am not claiming to be a successful blogger, still I am comfortable in writing about them, because I have heard from some of the successful bloggers.

name3. Its all in the name
The title will be the first (and possibly only) thing the reader sees.  You have to entice them to click on the link to read more.  You have to grab their attention and give them a reason that they should be interested. I realized this a little late in my blogging stint. For example “An Exploration of Computer Security Measures” would not sound as attractive as “What Hackers Know That You Don’t”.

4. Slow and Steady wins the race

Some of my peers started blogging with good determination. In few weeks they saw that the only person who was reading their blogs was they themselves! So they gave up blogging to pursue something more meaningful. But Rome was not built in a day. We can start looking at the search phrases using which some of the viewers are landing on the blog and consider those topics for subsequent blogs. So with enthusiasm and determination, we require some patience on the journey of life as well as of blogging. Regular writing will keep audience looking forward to new content and also inspire them to follow the blog.  Still if no one follows, we should not crib. Other benefits in the Habit 1 are sufficient reasons for persevering.

5. A picture speaks a thousand wordspicture

I have tried to put a picture to almost each of my blog. Good content needs good design to survive and stand out among all the other choices out there. Use show, not tell, examples when possible. Put together images to represent visual examples. To guard against copyright click here or here.

6. There is no substitute for good content

Jazzy title, and fancy art work will attract the reader to the blog. But what will make them stay here is the content. Great content will get shared and passed around. Bad content will not. Copy/paste articles tend to die on the vine. Write new content and link them back to the existing material. Edit older entries to keep them current and relevant. Fix typos in already published content. You can also link to your new posts from your older articles.

7. Do unto others as you would have them do unto yougoldenrule
This is a golden rule which can be applied in blogging also. So if we want others to read our blog, we should read their blogs and link to their good content. Connect with other bloggers and cross-promote each other and build our audiences together.

I will be happy if this blog helped someone. Please drop in your comments so that I can also improve and other readers will also benefit.

Here is another good post that came after I wrote my blog… 10 Two-Minute Tweaks to Instantly Revitalize Your Blog


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