Cloud – The Horsepower Behind IoT

As promised in my last blog, in this blog I will explore the foundational block that will make IoT a reality. IoT requires huge amounts of integration. It’s not enough having components of technology; these things all have to work together.


The cloud makes all this connection possible
For the IoT to be successful there needs to be a common way for devices to connect to each other and for building useful applications that take advantage of data from different sources. Here’s where cloud computing enters into the picture.

New cloud computing platforms like IBM Bluemix are a natural home for IoT-based applications and the data created by different devices. They’re being set up to handle the speed and volume of the data that’s being received and have the ability to ebb and flow according to demand, all the while remaining accessible anywhere from any device.

These platforms are making it easy for businesses to connect traditional enterprise-based information systems to both private and public IoT-enabled devices. This allows enterprises to quickly and economically build IoT-based sense-and-respond systems that can scale up or down based on changes in the environment and transaction level.

A one-size fits-all public cloud doesn’t work for many companies, who are looking for ways to take advantage of cloud computing without giving up their legacy IT investments. A hybrid model enables them to take advantage of a cloud environment, yet still maintain a level of control that is consistent with their business needs—a practical approach that delivers the best of both worlds.


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