25 Years of IBM Patent Leadership

IBM inventors received a record-breaking 9,043 U.S. patents during 2017—the 25th consecutive year that IBM has topped the annual list of patent recipients. IBM‘s patents in 2017 included more than 1,900 cloud patents, 1,400 in artificial intelligence (AI) and over 1,200 in the area of cybersecurity. IBM also received patents in the areas of blockchain and quantum computing. IBM‘s India inventors contributed over 800 patents to this record tally, making us the second highest contributor after the US region

It is a winning streak that began just after the advent of the PC and when the world wide web debut to the public. In the history of the technology there is virtually no one that has lead technology in any area for 25 years. IBM has gone from 20,000 patents in 1992 to producing more that a 1,00,000 patents in 25 years period so thought of sharing some insight into it.

The more than 105,000 inventions from IBM during its 100-plus-year history—from FORTRAN to relational databases to the Universal Product Code—are transforming the world. Also you can see smart glasses for the visually-impaired; a technology for securing credit card transactions; a carbon nanotube that’s 50,000 times thinner than human hair; and systems for predicting car traffic before it starts and earthquakes before they strike – Breakthrough after breakthrough.

Sample Patents:
Here are some of the interesting Patents from IBM in 2017:

  • Cloud resources : A system that uses unstructured data about world or local events to forecast cloud resource needs.
  • Self-driving vehicles: A machine-learning system that can shift control between a human driver and autonomous vehicle when there’s an emergency.
  • Blockchain: A method that uses blockchain technology to reduce the number of steps involved in settling transactions between multiple business parties.
  • AI speech: A system that can help artificial intelligence analyze and mirror a user’s speech patters to improve communication between AI and humans.
  • Cybersecurity: Technology that enables AI systems to turn the table on hackers by baiting them into email exchanges and websites that expend their resources and frustrate their attacks.

What takes to innovate?
We tend to think of innovation as a single event—a flash of genius followed by a revolutionary product or service. But the truth is that the road to any significant discovery is a long and twisted path. The inventors take some of the already established ideas and come up with something novel. Do watch the following video that shows the process and importance of Patenting.


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