I am a Software Developer working with IBM Software Labs since 2003. I have worked in various Enterprise Integration products in IBM. Since 2005, I have been working in Product development of Infosphere Information Server (IIS), which is an ETL tool. I am currently in Unified Governance & Integration wing in IBM Analytics which help clients discover and transform data, dramatically improve its quality, and control it for regulatory compliance, privacy considerations, and risk mitigation. I hold  One Publication  and Nine Patents in the area of Information Governance. I have also authored a developer works article on Finding Duplicates in Data. I am a IIS DataStage certified solution developer. Apart from developing new features, I help the Sales in creation of Proof of Concepts.

I hold a Bachelors degree in Computer Science (Bangalore University) and a Masters degree in Computer Science (Loyola University Chicago).

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  1. hi Namit, I have worked for IBM for close to 7 years. I’m starting off an Infosphere CoE in my current organization. Though I have worked on Datastage hands-on for for more than 7 years, I have lost contact with it these past 5-6 years and I’m having a terrible time catching up due to the massive changes that have happened in the Infosphere space these past few years.
    There is a huge dearth of content on non-Datastage products in the Infosphere suite. I know it will not be appropriate for me to ask you for content, but is there a place where I can go and start off ? I’m trying to put together collateral and I’m not making progress fast enough. Can you pls guide me ?

    • Hi Krishna,

      Thank you for your comment. I have written quite a bit about InfopSphere in my blogs, but it may be a drop in the ocean.
      Some good place to look for documentation is Product RedBooks and Info Center.

      Here is another good site for DataStage Tutorials.

      Let me know if you are looking for something more specific.
      Namit Kabra

  2. Hi Namit….Great blog! Thank you for including so much detail about Information Server and its related technologies. — Ernie

  3. Hi Namit, I am a qualitystage developer. I have a problem with de-duping a file that has all regular columns for name and address but also has 3 phone numbers for each record.
    I need to consider all of the phone numbers for suspect dupe matching – like phone1 to phone2, phone1 to phone3, phone2 to phone3 etc – could you suggest how I might tackle this with qualitystage suspect dupe matching

  4. Hi Namit,
    I have a requirement to read the EDI X12 files ; so just curious to know regards WebSphere Transformation Extendor ; Do you have any article /sample jobs as such to go through .

    Thanks in Advance


    • Hi Mahesh. I do not have any sample job. I wrote about WTx sometime back, but that was predominantly making a comparison between WTx and datastage. You can find that here.
      A super resource on this could be Ernie (see his comment above). You can catch him here

  5. Hi Namit. Thanks for your valuable posts.
    I was trying to use Java integration stage in 9.1 and unable to succeed as it is throwing some error at the class path ( error is like, no class is available in given class path, ensure that class path is correct. But in unix am able to see the class files). Is there any variables we need to define at job level or ?

    Basically, my requirement is just to call the Java code (jar files) in Datastage, so i can make a dependency with other jobs. All the logic we wrote in Java code and it is perfectly working in unix command line, we just need to call that in DS.

    Appreciate if you can help on this. Thanks!!

  6. Hi Namit,

    I am new to datastage. We are using Oracle as the target database. For every job, I a hard coding oracle server, user and password. Can you please let me know if there is a way to read these from a file or if there is any other option?

  7. Hi Namit,

    Thank you for this very useful blog. I was wondering if there’s capacity to directly contact you for InfoSphere-related queries?

    Just a quick one, if that’s not possible. How do you terminate an Information Analyzer job? I am already assigned an admin role but the cancel options are not available in the activity status bar, and a column profiling job has been running for 24 hours.

    • Hi. You can contact me from InfoSphere related query through the blog and I will make an attempt to answer them in my free cycles.
      On the question of terminating the IA job. Ability to stop job is there in IIS 11.5 directly. If you are on an older version, then you can do it from Director client (Note: At the end of the day the IA job is also a datastage job).

  8. Namit,

    You are doing amazing job in getting different perspective on Information management tools. This is useful in many ways. Thanks for thinking forward on this path.

    We never connected in this path in IBM but I am very much connected to your blog regularly.


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